fritz stolberg

Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing !

A Film by Fritz Stolberg

Hades: David Medalla [Tetrahedron]
The Initiate: Nissa Nishikawa
[Dodecahedron – feminine aspect]
[Icosahedron – masculine aspect]
Charon: Chaman Che [Octahedron]
Hermes: Koto the dog [Hexahedron]
Frau Holle: Franky Farra Frond
Stunts: Alexandra Groover and Maria Garcia

Music composed and arranged by Ebe Oke
Leo Abrahams
David Barbene
Clive Bell
Ebe Oke

Sound Mix:
Michael Schaub
Mike Lindsay
Ebe Oke

Written, Directed and Photographed by Fritz Stolberg
Edited by Fritz Stolberg and Bert Hunger
Produced by Piece Of Cake Films in collaboration with Aganovich
© piece of cake films 2010